Not a poly comment, this, but rather one where I find myself wanting to make other people happy.

I called bingo tonight at a regular fundraiser here in town. It’s my chance to put my broadcasting degree to a bit of use, and I seem to be okay at it. It does bother me a bit when so many people are so close to winning and then don’t. That’s an emotional rollercoaster. I wish I could give all of those people all of that money, not just one person.

There are also baskets of goodies that get raffled off throughout the night. There was one that had a set of hair straighteners, a regular one and a mini. Both were quite colourful, too. I wanted them.

But I don’t tend to carry cash with me. I was okay with that.

Then, one of the winners tipped me a couple of bucks. I thought the best thing I could do was to put that into the raffle (and thus into the fundraiser). I dropped all three dollars into the drawing for the basket with the straighteners.

That basket had a few other things in it: some hair bands, a brush, a cosmetics case, and a couple of knit hats. I really only wanted the straighteners, but the hair bands were cool.

I happen to be the person who pulls the tickets for the raffle, and I had given my tickets to J to hold as she was working, on skates, to bring winning bingo cards to the front to be checked. I read the number for the basket I want. And she comes up to get it.

Yep, it was one of those three tickets.

The woman kind of running the show tonight quipped that she really wanted that basket, and I said the only thing I wanted was the straightener set. I could set her up with the hat she wanted from there, right?

J really wanted one of the hats, too. Perfect! Except it wasn’t: they both wanted the same one.

I won fair and square, and of course I let J have the hat, but I still feel quite badly about that here sitting at my computer before bed. I did give her the other one, and frankly that colour looked better on her in my opinion.

I just find myself sitting here hoping she’s happy with that. And not sad.

I hate winding up making people not happy.