Even when I was wearing male clothes, I still tried to be reasonably fashionable, but in my own way. Now that my wardrobe is so wonderfully femme, I feel like there are so many more options out there.

The problem? I have expensive tastes.

Not that it’s a huge problem: I do earn plenty and could afford to be the fashionista if I wanted to. But I can’t. I want a house. I put almost half of my post-bills earnings into savings because I need to get a down payment together.

5102631There are solutions to this, of course: Nordstrom Rack is kind of my favourite for that, and that’s what I’ve been messing around on today. But it seems everything I like isn’t available in my size, such as the Zadig and Voltaire cashmere cardigan pictured above and the Hale Bob poncho tunic right here.

The downer on both of them, though, is that they don’t have my size. It’s always the danger when bargain shopping: what you love probably isn’t available in a full size run. That does make it all the more glorious when you do find that one perfect thing, but these couple of items, along with a few others that meet a similar fate for me, do bring on le sads.

To look on the bright side, though, it does give me some idea where to look in the future brand-wise. That is how I found OOBERSWANK, Free People, BCBGeneration, and a few others. All in all I guess it’s a fair trade.

It takes dedication and commitment to be fashionable. Keen eyes and a quick mouse finger.