I haven’t said much about the new administration, and that’s largely because I don’t have the hyperbole in me to describe what is actually reality. I’ve really never seen anything like this, the flurry of executive orders and seeming obliviousness to the law, custom, and the Constitution that has gone with it. It’s kind of astonishing.

What I have done is be a lot more expressive of my femme identity. Because I will NOT let someone else stand alone on this or see them having to cower. I’m big enough that I can defend myself. And if I wear those big heels I pictured a couple of posts ago? Yeah, I’m 6’8″ with those on. I have a job where I’m liked and would be defended. I can afford to stand out a bit and make this more normal for someone else who would be under threat.

That’s what it feels like with certain segments of our culture, generally less accepting, gaining a voice and power through the change in government. There is this notion that we don’t have to be politically correct anymore. But that’s a non sequitur: there’s no such thing as politically correct. There’s either being an ignorant asshole or there’s not. There’s denying the humanity of another person or there’s not. There’s name-calling or there’s not.

There’s threats of violence, or actual violence, or there’s not.

When I was at that party a few days ago, one of the guys there tends to be pretty cut and dried on gender. But I’ve made non-binary/nonconforming real to him. Especially as we have sports and video games in common… it’s not so easy to other me or the fact that I mostly wear women’s clothing and cosmetics and more.

Instead of reacting to the latest outrage from the Tantrum in Chief, I’m making sure to hold my head high. To express as femme. To be myself. And in doing so, I want it to be easier for the next person, the more vulnerable.

It’s the high road. And it’s the one lined with acceptance. That’s where I hope we go as a society. Otherwise I’ll just go there myself and hope I’m followed.