You’d think I was a masochist or something.

I’m yet to really find a sports news site that I like for domestic stuff (the BBC and Guardian have me for footy and motorsports), so for some stupid reason I stick with Yahoo! Sports. I should know better than to click on a story about the proposed bathroom bill in Texas. And I just knew how the comments section would go. But I still went there.

It’s the usual blind bashing of liberals and calling anyone trans a freak or pervert.

You know what? It hurts. I use the male restroom: I have male parts and I identify as nonbinary. Good enough. But the looks I frequently get when entering, using, or leaving can make me really uncomfortable. Using the female restroom? I’m sure that would be worse.

Let’s face it, commenters on Yahoo!: what you really want is for me not to exist and to dictate to everyone that being cis-het is the only normal and natural thing. You want me to not exist, and I’m sure some small percentage of you would resort to violence for that. The rest would probably shrug or cheer.

I’ll say it plainly: gender and sex are different things, and if you’re that worried about something accosting your property (how you view wives and daughters, it seems), you should be aiming your hawkish eyes at child molesters and rapists, not denying our existence.