One of the things that is most difficult with something as fluid as gender is finding language that fits. Even harder is the fact that different discourse communities are likely to use different terms or the same terms differently.

I recently read a chapter gender and transgender criticism written by Sarah Gamble. The suggestion in there was that transgender was becoming a kind of umbrella term for all gender non-conforming people.

In other words, you could apply transgender or trans to me as non-binary.

I don’t know how I feel about that. You look at those legs up there, and if you didn’t know I had male biology, would you assume they are female legs? I’m not sure how to view that. Maybe it’s because it was safer not calling myself trans. I don’t view myself completely as a female on the inside, but I also haven’t thought long and hard about that. I mostly dress femme now, and I quite like it. I think the reason I’ve resisted the label is because I have no intention of changing my biology.

I think the one thing I know I am is me. Whether by my real name or my adopted name of Evi, I am me. And maybe the point is that Evi can kind of be my real name, too.

I don’t know how to define this. But I know I don’t conform to my biology. And maybe that’s enough to fit some more labels.