Sports are perhaps a departure for this blog, but I think sports is a wonderful, beautiful metaphor for life. You sometimes win but you also lose a lot. The important thing is that you try and you model behaviour for those who come next. While I don’t play anything competitively anymore, it’s a mindset I would like my children to wind up gaining.

The teams I support never tend to win. I’m okay with that. Baseball and hockey and soccer are more like companions, a soundtrack to different times of the year. It’s important to me that the team have people I like, can relate to, and want to see do well.

And when the trade deadline in a sport comes along, sometimes a player you really like goes. To a contender, hopefully.

So is the case today with my beloved Vancouver Canucks. Jannik Hansen, a player who was once a longshot to make the NHL, has given his all as long as he’s pulled on the jersey. Fast, dependable, and the kind of person you’d want to point out for your kids and tell them that’s the worth ethic and attitude to have.

Hansen is now a San Jose Shark. Let’s be honest: The Canucks are at least a couple of years away yet. The Sharks are right there, on the cusp of a championship. Much like watching Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa go in prior years, I’ll be rooting for them.

Don’t be surprised if, in a few months, while wearing my Canucks jersey, if I’m cheering loudly for the Sharks to lift the Stanley Cup.