I had my taxes done today, and while I didn’t quite get the number I was hoping for (online calculators had it at more than double), I know my accountant is careful and accurate. That’s fine: I want to pay my fair share.

I’m still working on my savings goals for the year, but my tax return money this year will go to boost my checking account minimum amount. By the end of the year, I want to have it so that I never go below $5000 in my checking account. That’s some good peace of mind.

Yesterday I was notified of my overtime load here at the college this semester, so those two numbers together inform what my travel and spending budgets are for now through the summer.

I’m looking to knock out basically my entire wishlists at Ulta, Brighton, and Macy’s in the near future. Normally this would mean that I’d just be free to go and get more stuff, but that’s deliberately not going to be the case this time, at least for Macy’s and other clothing retailers.

You see, if I do go ahead with hormone treatments, by body is going to change shape. I have no idea how, so it would be silly to go all extravagant on clothing purchases (or shoes, etc) for things that may no longer fit me. That would be a waste of money. So I’ll get the things I want now, the ones I can wear and use in the near future.

I’m not exactly one who is good for patience, mind you. So this could prove to be something of a challenge.

On the other hand, it’s nice to have a skimpy wishlist and a bank account with stuff in it.