It feels a bit like spring today here in the high desert. It’s already above 60 degrees, and the sun is even out. Hooray!

That means I went for some denim capris today (which are big on me… maybe I have lost a little weight?) with an asymmetric lace-back top. As I was doing my makeup, I was thinking to myself what would go well with this for eyeshadow?

I settled on my Urban Decay Liquid Moondust in Recharge. This time I was going to make it work. This time it would look good.

You see, I struggle with the brush that it comes with, and if I’m not wearing eyeshadow primer, forget it. It just winds up everywhere.

But I did the primer today, put this on, and then when I check back like 15 minutes later? Sheesh, the stuff is migrating up towards my eyebrows.

Suffice it to say I don’t quite have this down yet.