I’m an odd mix of interests. I always have been. I love growing flowers and I collect coins and stamps. I fly kites and play soccer and baseball. I read and play video games. I’m an information junkie, reading the news when I can (from sources that don’t suck). I love board games. I want to play basketball more. I love film photography. And I’m very much enjoying my ventures into the fashion and cosmetics world.

In other words, my interests are across a huge spectrum and kind of point to my gender identity being this other thing.

But the problem with that is that I have almost no attention span when I’m surfing the web (do people still do that?). So I’m reading an article about the debate over transgender rights in Palatine, Illinois (near to where I once lived) when I see an article about Jay Cutler getting cut by the Bears. What? Who’s going to be their quarterback now? Football isn’t a big sport for me, but I also know a bad team when I see when. While I’m reading that story, there’s a big Macy’s ad down the side with a link to that dress from yesterday that I rather want. *click*

Granted, the allure of the internet has largely faded for me, with the things I really want to see and read exhausted within an hour or two. I prefer to read newspapers on my Kindle, honestly. With the way cookies and such work nowadays, though, I love seeing how they try to dangle ads in front of me. It’s like they think they can just… OOH! A new bag from Brighton!