The Hill has an article up showing a slim majority of Americans back the rights of their fellow Americans who happen to be trans. The numbers aren’t really surprising: it’s a clear majority among independents and Democrats, but the numbers go the other way with Republicans (pun partially intended).

Thankfully, Republican commenters show up and demonstrate exactly why their brand of repugnance needs to be defeated. Wade into it if you dare.

What scares me is that I’m old enough to remember Republicans before the 94 revolution and the rise of conservative media. I didn’t agree with everything, but they were a reasonable bunch. I consider conservatism to be an important component of government, along with liberalism, as we tend to find the best path for ourselves with that mixture.

The problem is, since the rise of the Tea Party in particular, bipartisanship is seen as a sign of weakness and ignorance is viewed as a strength. Again, the comments section at The Hill.

And the words do hurt. I question myself enough as it is—trying to figure out just what I am is no easy feat. Being called a pervert and molester and mentally damaged doesn’t exactly help, especially being so casually dismissed as less than human.