I’m convinced that we have the current administration because we never pay attention to the double standard the majority of the Republican party routinely displays. Examples? Look to the hypocrisy on the unemployment numbers and the fact that suddenly the debt ceiling isn’t an issue.

First, Trump, who word-saladed his way to claiming that we had 42% unemployment before the election, is now using the exact same metrics, which show 4.7% unemployment and the economy adding 235,000 jobs last month, as a sign of what a great job he’s doing. So the numbers, which in February showed 236,000 jobs added, was wrong because it was the Obama administration. But now they’re true because reasons.

Worse to me is that we’ll soon need to have the debt ceiling raised. With a Democrat in the White House, that means shutting down the government, forcing massive cuts in spending, and otherwise a collection of out-and-out morons from the Tea Party mold stamping their feet and holding their breath until they get their way. Notice that the Tea Party, which really was astroturf rather than grassroots, sprung up once Obama was elected and now the idea of cutting spending is moot when a Republican president wants to assault the environment and have massive spending increases to our already ridiculous defense spending. You won’t hear a word about the debt ceiling now.

Let’s just call it what it is—a power game. Republicans want the power and authority to fuck us all over. And it’s on this blog because they do things like throw bathroom bills out there to get reactionary twits to the polls. That’s how they got elected in November: social issues and gerrymandering. Let’s remember how they use us. Let’s remember this in two years when we can send them running at the midterms.

America is a better nation than the Republican-controlled regime guiding the ship right now.