I have a lot of attention on the issue of transgender rights lately, primarily for selfish reasons. I know a bunch of people are looking at federal guidelines and state laws, but I’m looking at self preservation.

In other words, if I transition, am I safe in my job?

I live in Nevada, and I am protected by state anti-discrimination laws. These laws are increasingly common around the country, though they were not in place where I used to live (Michigan). I’m thankful to have them.

The institution of higher education where I work also has anti-discrimination laws that protect gender identity and expression. So I should be safe there. Plus, people here seem to like me. That helps, knowing I have supportive people around me.

So I’m looking to other states that have similar protections and checking out what the landscape is there. In Colorado, they’re in roughly the same boat as Nevada with protections, though of course there is a great deal that comes along with that: anti-discrimination does not guarantee access to medical services, etc. All things I have to consider.

The Colorado Springs Independent recently ran a story about the state of things for trans people in the state. It was an interesting read, and felt like a similarly supportive place.

Truth be told, I’m not afraid of laws right now. That’s not my concern. It will be once I have to consider which bathroom I should be using, but it isn’t right now. Right now I’m concerned about the attitudes of individuals, the people who would call be a pervert or deviant or mentally ill. That I’m a predator or a molester. It’s changing those minds and navigating those reactions that I worry about right this minute.

The bills and laws name changes are still over the horizon a bit for me. We should still be fighting for them, though.