Oh, honey, stop it with that blouse. You look like a caricature.

Unsurprisingly, the bathroom bill in Texas has moved on, approved by the state senate along mostly party lines (one Democrat voted in favour). I guess this isn’t really a surprise. I wish Texas wouldn’t take “How conservative can you be?” as a dare.

But the state house is lukewarm at best to the bill, knowing that it will mean an economic hit to the state. That’s a plus. My Statesman has a good summary of what’s been happening.

If I may summarize once again where I stand on this: I would like to be able to use the bathroom and not fear for my life. For now, I’m okay: I’m 6’3″ and 215 pounds. I played hockey and soccer. People tend not to mess with me. But I still get stopped. I get looks. And if I do hormones, I’m going to lose a notable amount of my size. I don’t want to see ANYONE in the bathroom. It’s best when no one is in there. But I don’t want the decision to be between getting beaten or getting arrested and called a pervert. I just want to use the bathroom.

That’s all.