These last few posts have been kind of serious, so let’s talk about something more fun, shall we? I’ve been wearing more makeup lately, and this means I’ve been trying to find my style just that little bit more.

My main focus is on lipstick at the moment: I haven’t quite found the stuff that’s perfect for me. Either the shades are kind of meh or the quality isn’t good and the stuff never dries right.

I think I’m going to try some of Lipstick Queen’s products once I get my tax return. There are like six different ones that appeal to me, so I’ll grab one or two and see how they do.

I’m also working on getting all of the shades of Urban Decay’s eyeliner that I want. Their 24/7 eye pencils are rather amazing, and while $20 a pop may seem steep, they work brilliantly for me.

I’m close to there on eye shadow, too. Lorac has a new palette out that’s all pastels, so I may try that. I really still want to get my hands on the Moondust palette from Urban Decay, but that’s getting to be hard to find.

Though I do rather enjoy being a regular at my local Ulta. They’ve always made me feel welcome. I may also give Sephora another try at the end of the month when I’m out of town. Whenever I’ve been there, they’ve talked to me like I should be buying a gift for someone rather than for me. I can pass a bit more easily as a woman now, though, so perhaps there will be a difference.