Two trans women were assaulted in New York City during St Patrick’s Day festivities. They appear to have just been walking down the street. NBC New York has the story.

The first comment on the story is hilarious, too, as though this were the setting to fret about being flirted with by a trans woman. Dude. Really? Here, let me help you. I’m trans. Male-to-female trans. I have no interest in men. I like women, probably a bit too much sometimes. I’m not going to flirt with you. I’m not going to sleep with you. Dudes are gross.

Now that we’ve gotten that bit out of the way, it appears that the suspect was known to police and has a long record. He walked up to the women uttering a variety of gay slurs, then threw one to the ground and started punching her. He later came back with a cane and hit and punched the other one. Charming.

This is why I worry about being out and about (ha!) sometimes. Yesterday, I changed my planned walking route twice because I was going to have to go past groups of men who looked a bit rough. I’m relatively big in stature—thin but built like you would expect an ex-hockey and soccer player to be—but also carrying a purse, wearing capris and makeup, and there’s just one of me.

A story like this doesn’t do anything to assuage those fears, even if all of those people yesterday would have been potential friends, supportive, etc. When someone hates you for existing, you tend to take fewer chances with your existence.