I have a lot of deep connections to the Midwest, despite my love for the West. I’ve lived in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois, having grown up in the last. When traveling from my home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to see my family in Illinois, we would go through Wisconsin, and Appleton was always a pleasant place to stop, rest, refuel. It was also the halfway point. Handy.

The Appleton Post Crescent is reporting on a transgender rights rally that happened in the town recently. It’s good to see high school kids getting active politically and socially and really making a difference. 400 people attended the event.

The downside to this can always be seen in the comments, though, and go there at your own peril. I do because it gives a broad cross-section of opinion. In other words, I get to see what I’m up against, what perceptions (and frequently misperceptions) people hold, and perhaps gives me some clues as to how to communicate with such people.

Still, it’s pretty depressing. It’s a reminder to be vigilant. And, for me, being a somewhat introverted person by nature (I can be an extrovert at work, but that’s because teaching is like acting, and it takes so much energy), it’s a bit of reinforcement that while I want to be femme and look like a woman, maybe I don’t throw those stripper heels around with the general public.