I went out night before last to J’s house to play Hyrule Warriors for a bit. I had already changed into a pair of leggings and my new knee-high boots, and since it was after dark, I was comfortable enough to wear these out.

Of course, I was spying on the parking lot, trying to go when the coast was clear. I managed to run into one person, but he was notably high based on the scent when he walked by. He seemed confused.

Which bummed me out slightly, as I was hoping I passed as a woman that day. J’s daughter commented that it was probably my height: these boots make me 6’7″.

I got to J’s house and some of daughter and her boyfriend’s friends were over, a queer-friendly bunch. They were really cool to me, just as the derby team is. I’m still really appreciative of that. It makes me hopeful, you know? That as we turn over another generation, maybe I won’t be so afraid all the time.

I think the biggest issue of the night for me is that the toe box on the boots is just slightly narrow, so they hurt just a bit after a few hours. If that’s the worst, though, Ill take it. Not too shabby.

Oh, and one of the teens who was over is the son of my boss. He’s openly gay, and he also shares an appreciation for cosmetics. My boss is quite supportive of me as well, so I feel like I have a few people who will look out for me there. That feels really good, too.