I’m trans. I’m taking the very initial steps involved in transitioning. There’s a lot I’m learning.

I also get that not a lot of people understand what this is like, what I’m thinking, what I’m doing, and what is physically involved. That story from a bit back with Gwen from Pittsburgh, who did a Reddit AMA on her journey: I’d like to take that one step further.

Ask me anything you’d like to know. Throw something in the comments or email me at eviontheinside@gmail.com. I’ll respond, but only from my point of view. I’m not speaking for everyone trans. Rather, I’ll simply give you how I see my own experiences.

So much of the issues surrounding transgender people has to do with ignorance. I don’t say that out of malice: I was ignorant of a lot of these things, too. Let’s get rid of some of that ignorance.

What do you want to know?