I find it funny that we genderize the bags we carry. Today I have my messenger bag, something that could be masculine enough. Though it is pastel pink, yellow, and turquoise, so take that people-who-would-put-me-in-a-box.

But I don’t get it: I could carry a backpack and be fine. That’s more capacity than I need. What do I need? A purse. Seriously, that’s just the right size for me.

Because I can carry my wallet with all of the cards we need to live. And my nail clippers and a file. A few tissues. A pen and a small notebook. My 3DS or Vita. My coin pouch, either for carrying around dollar coins or half-dollars or for a pile of quarters for those capsule machines. My small makeup bag. My lipstick. My keys. Maybe a few sketching pencils and a small pad.

I can carry these things in something meant to carry small things. They go in my purse.

It’s just so funny that we limit the conceptual right to carry such a thing to one gender.