Sorry for getting the Vengaboys in your head. Also, why were they boys when there were two boys and two girls?

Anyhow, Buzzfeed popped up an article on the bus pictured above, doing a happy activist tour to let you know I’m not real. That’s nice of them.

Honestly, I’m kind of waiting for the punchline to it. I’m trying to picture the person who feels so anti-trans that they deck out a bus and go on a tour. What kind of benefactor thinks that’s a good use of funds? Who are these people?

Oh. They’re the people behind NOM, the National Organization for Marriage, a group that has nothing better to do now that they’ve gotten their asses kicked in the gay marriage debate.

Anyhow, this is very simple: biological sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation are three different things. See? That wasn’t so hard.

Honestly, I’m just trying to live my life. I hate it when people who haven’t walked in my shoes (or heels) try to tell me what I’m thinking, feeling, experiencing.