In an interesting story today in the Huffington Post, an anonymous student is suing his school district (through, unsurprisingly right-wing legal trolls at the Alliance Defending Freedom) in Pennsylvania for violating his Title IX rights.

Because he has to share a locker room with a trans boy and feels bullied by being forced to be inclusive.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: nobody wants to be in a locker room. After spending adolescence in locker rooms from playing a variety of sports, I never saw anyone naked, didn’t want to see anyone naked, and the main goal of everyone in there was to get out at the earliest convenience.

I asked a few people I know about this to get their take on it, and they stated that in their schools, there are individual stall showers—there isn’t some big display of people with their clothes off around each other.

I really don’t get bathrooms being an issue, but I only mostly don’t get locker rooms. I also don’t get the way we handle gendering, considering it’s all based on heteronormativity—you aren’t in the locker room with those to whom you are sexually attracted.

That doesn’t reflect life today. We need to rethink this whole thing, honestly, and the sooner the better. Then legal trolls and ideological parents won’t have their children suing their school districts for laughable reasons.

EDIT: VICE News has the story as well in an interesting piece, where they note the following:

With more than 3,000 allied attorneys and an annual budget of nearly $50 million — in part thanks to generous donations from foundations associated with the family of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — Alliance Defending Freedom means business, and in the last year, according to a spokesperson, have waded into the latest battleground: bathroom access for trans kids.