I’m starting to get some therapy help with all of these transition steps ahead of me. It’s a lot to navigate, so I’m very thankful that my former counselor is helping me through this. I made sure to point out that this is totally billable.

First is going to be finding the right counselor here, something I may be closer to now that I’ve found an LGBT specialist in Salt Lake City. Next will be working with a doctor. I’m not sure if I should even ask my current doctor if she has any thoughts—I’ve barely been a patient, and I don’t think this is close to anyone’s specialty here. I’m thinking I may seek new counselor’s guidance on this. We’ll see.

I may also start hormone replacement therapy sooner than I was planning, possibly as soon as August. K and I talked about this on the phone the other night—I just don’t want her to come home and me to even more literally be a completely different person, you know?

It’s a lot of pieces to keep track of. It’s difficult to navigate. But I feel like I’m taking the first few steps in the right order.