But wait, Evi, you’re saying: Ultra’s still going on today?

Honestly, the Sunday, aside from the year when Swedish House Mafia did their goodbye show, hasn’t been as big of a deal to me.

I know I was ragging on not so much Ultra but the state of EDM yesterday, and I stand by the collection of hard-drive failures that I heard. As much as I like Afrojack, I thought his set was poor. I just couldn’t get into it.

Oh, but Axwell ^ Ingrosso brought the fucking house down to cap the night. Once this one is posted, you have to watch it. Keep in mind that the opening is rather not safe for work. Or home. Or… well, anywhere where orgasm noises might get you looked at funny. But it was a masterpiece of remixing and production, this one.

I also got the chance to catch Above and Beyond’s set from earlier in the day. Above and Beyond, and their ceaseless production with Anjunabeats, has been there for me a lot. It’s also in some ways the last bastion of melodic trance, and coverage of their set jumped in right when they were playing Another Chance. Wow. If you want a good taste of this, check out some of their past sets, but it should say something to everyone that audiences love their music so much. Same goes for Carl Cox. There’s a reason they pack the place when they perform.

What does this mean? Probably the same thing it means each year: listen to what you love. That’s where you’ll find your happiness.