I read an article somewhere on the CBS site talking about the kind of trans people you may not know. Then, in a very elementary manner, they explained non-binary to us, the reading public.

Aside from all reading a bit silly in presentation, it does leave me attempting to answer the question of whether I’m non-binary or I’m trans. And I think the simple answer is that I’m both.

I very clearly (to me) don’t belong in this male body that I have. I’ve done my best with it, though, expressing femme as best I can. I want to take medical steps to hopefully get me more the way I want to be. I want to do hormones. I will probably get breast augmentation sometime after that. And I’m leaning towards but am undecided on gender-reassignment surgery.

Do I think I perfectly identify as female? No. That’s the thing. That’s why I have the bits of doubt here and there. But I would like to be seen as a woman, honestly, and I fit better on that side of the gymnasium.

I’m just kind of me. I would like the secondary sex characteristics of a woman. The physique. But I’m me. I’m trans. I lean very much femme. And the type of trans I am, ultimately, is non-binary.