I’m packing to go to a conference at the moment, and I’m trying to figure out just what I should bring. First off, I kind of pride myself on traveling light, so it will be my handy Nicole Miller underseat bag that I use—it’s brilliant for under an airline seat, even though I’m driving on this trip.

And I have no idea how to pack.

I mean, this is a context that I don’t understand. As an academic in rhetoric, and perhaps with a measurable dose of OCD, I need to understand such things to feel really quite comfortable. That usually means I go conservative in appearance, but at a diversity conference that is for our entire system of schools, I kind of want to force myself to be myself.

That’s hard.

I put on a top just now that sits below my shoulders—once I get breasts, I’m going to look amazing in it. I also have tights, a skirt, and heels on to check. It’s a shame that the skirt and top just don’t quite work together. They’re so close, but their shades of gold are in conflict. Blah.

I’m thinking the safer option, while still being femme, is leggings and tunic tops for while I’m there. I’m also going to bring those amazing striped, heeled boots I got this month. If I’m gutsy enough, I’m going to wear those out.

This is difficult.