When I’m teaching writing to my students, one of the things I emphasize is that they should have their own voices. I don’t want them to sound like writing, in other words, but like them.

I have a different issue with my voice. You see, I have a really good voice. I went through years of voice training, and I do a number of announcing gigs. I’ve called ski and mountain bike races, bingo, roller derby, and, coming soon, rubber ducky races. Earlier on, I did play by play in baseball, colour commentary in basketball, and I was a studio host for college football.

It’s good. It’s really good. It’s also really male.

I was talking about this with a colleague today, and she quipped that I have to keep it as it is. That it’s just too good. But I’m probably going to scare the crap out of some people with a voice like mine and the body I want to have. I think finding something to do about that will go on the list with getting some nice boobs and possibly having my nose modified depending on if it fits the way my face will change with hormones.

It’s tough. I like announcing. But it’s the voice, not the content, that I think they love.