I think the most eye-opening thing about being so out at the conference this past week was the issue of bathrooms. It’s one I’m going to have to face going forward, and it will be the source of a lot of angst.

To review, there was only one gender-neutral bathroom that I was able to find, on the first floor of the student center. The conference was on the third and fourth floors, so it was a trek each time I needed to use it. In fact, I kept it to twice by limiting the liquids I ingested.

At the performance hall, where the amazing Anoushka Shankar performed that night, I couldn’t find one at all. Held it all the way back to the hotel.

Never was it so clear to me how disruptive this could be in my life. Granted, there is a gender-neutral bathroom literally around the corner from my office, but they are not common on my campus, either. If I change offices like I’m hoping to, this could get to be quite interesting.

A plus is that people know me on campus and I am well-liked. Hopefully that means I can strike an understanding with people. Get a sense of where they expect me to be. Amazing how negotiated going to the bathroom has to be, though.