A recent study, which included a caveat of having a small sample group, has found that trans people do indeed face housing discrimination, though sometimes in small ways. Some of them—even to the level of who was told fresh paint would be applied and who wasn’t—might be down to things like landlords not knowing how to react around a trans person. That’s why we have events like the day of visibility. Seriously. We’re just people.

But there were other incidents like a trans person being charged a security deposit four times that of someone not trans. Interesting stuff.

This came to my attention as I was reading about the startup Rentberry, a bidding site for rentals. Individuals bid what they would pay in rent, and landlords can see their credit scores and the like right there.

Part of me wants to hope that such a system, if made robust and transparent, could alleviate some of these kinds of discrimination concerns. Another part of me thinks that it just provides ways to add discrimination to the algorithm.