I tend to read up on transgender news items, and one from the Charlotte Observer popped up. I read the article and, like an idiot, read the comments as well. This bit of charming jumped out at me:

The transgender freaks all use the womens bathroom so let the pussy hat idiots explain to their daughters and other women why there is a man in a dress in the womens bathroom. The freaks come in the mens room they are getting their skulls crushed in!

Of course, this was from someone who used 4chan in their username, so take from that what you will.

The thing is, what this moron is saying is kind of what I’m fearing in the first place: that I’ll be harassed for using the women’s room and assaulted for using the men’s one. It’s kind of a no-win for me while expressing femme if I’m not passing perfectly.

I think back to the day at the conference when I was very much attempting femme, and bathrooms were a huge mental barrier for me. Of course, my epic boots made me 6’7″, so passing was more an issue of being a giant among all of these folks.

I’m kind of scrambled on transitioning at the moment due to some stuff in my life, and it’s things like this that remind me that I’m not exactly safe doing so, either. The world shouldn’t be this scary.

EDIT: Here’s a bonus comment from a related article.

Lara Americo, here are just a few suggestions..try not advertising you are a transgender. Just go and do your business in the bathroom. Quit trying to make a fucking statement about your livelihood. No one cares. Just go to the bathroom. Sheez, you act like a 3 year old who just sat down on the toilet to poop for the first time.
Next, if you cannot handle the first suggestion, wait until you get home to use the bathroom. No reason placing further pressure and stress on yourself.
Third, you can leave the State of North Carolina. Hell, you can even leave the Country if you so choose.
Fourth, you can seek the counseling you need for your mental problems and then you will no longer be confused as to which bathroom to use.
Finally, get that complete sex change you have longed for.
Your choice. Whatever you decide, just shut up and go away. Your 15 minutes of fame ended 14 minutes ago.