There was a kind of club night for LGBT people this past weekend here in my town, and such things are kind of J’s jam. I’m glad we went: I got to meet another trans woman in town.

She’s quite a bit younger than me, but we have several friends in common. It was good to get to chat for a little bit. From what I understand, she has some social anxiety and I don’t do well around people I don’t know. That we got to talk for a bit was great. I hope she feels the same way.

The night was kind of a cluster, though: it was admittedly not well-attended, the restaurant/bar that was hosting had no running water, and they were only doing cash transactions at the bar. The DJ was quite upset, thinking it was reflecting on him, and I felt badly for him. I think he had his sound poorly balanced, especially for the space, but the way the evening went certainly wasn’t his fault.

It was good to be out for a bit. I wasn’t terribly femme, because it was the downtown corridor of the town I live in on a weekend, a place that’s been known to get a bit rough. I thought about wearing heels but decided against it. I’m more comfortable, for now at least, doing that out of town.

The bar we wound up at had a couple of my neighbours, whom I don’t really know, and they were quite drunk. It was a bit awkward. I was grateful that J was ready to go around that time. I was overstimulated and kind of done.

Not bad for one evening, though. It was notable, if nothing else, and meeting someone in similar shoes to mine was good.