One thing I’ve wanted to emphasize is that, while yes I’m trans, I’m just as much a human as anyone. My gender identity is not my entire identity, and I think it’s important to remember that and write about it.

I’m not as physically active as I once was—there’s only so much time you can spend throwing yourself down a mountain on bike or board and have your body hold up. A couple of decades of conventional sports like soccer, hockey, and baseball adds to the wear and tear. Most of the time these days I’m flying kites or playing disc golf or going for walks. My back thanks me for it.

I also spend more time with sedate hobbies, like astronomy, music, books, and video games. Video games are a big thing for me, and believe it or not, I do need to spend more time playing them (rather than passively kind of wasting my free time). I still have the entire world of the brilliant Forza Horizon 3 to explore, and I think there will still be a Nintendo Switch somewhere on the horizon as well as a replacement for my departed PS4.

Video games get a bad reputation for free time, sometimes deserved and sometimes not. They’re my kind of escape, though, and some of the worlds in which we can play are positively stunning. I play to kind of get away from people rather than engage, so I don’t play online and I don’t play life simulators outside of Animal Crossing. There are pleasant worlds, exciting worlds, and worlds that push the imagination. I love it.

It’s a great contrast to astronomy, gazing through binoculars (and hopefully a new telescope next year) and seeing those other worlds that we far too often don’t look up and note.