The question for me will be how far do I go with altering my body.

I use trans as an umbrella term. I’m clearly not in compliance between identity and biology, though I don’t hold gender to be a binary, either. My biology is male (even though there’s a lot quite femme about my build and the like), and I fall on the female side of gender identity.

Yes, gender is a construct, but it is the female-constructed side where I’m more comfortable.

So I definitely want to do hormone replacement therapy. That will be where I start, seeing how it goes. Breasts would be the next step, as well as some potential structural changes (nose and abdomen are likely options) if I want to take things that far. Changing the dangly bits would be years out and the last step.

Do I fit perfectly as a woman? No. But I’m definitely not a man, either. What I am, more than anything, is me, and I want to put in some work so that’s the person I see in the mirror, too.