I quipped to one of my friends yesterday that it finally felt like Generation X got to ride the nostalgia train a bit. Not that we haven’t before, but bringing back MST3K on Netflix just so perfectly hits the spot.

But I was worried that it wouldn’t be good. That it wouldn’t have the right soul.

I was wrong. It’s amazing.

This is still the playfulness of MST3K, but it’s more polished, more in-depth, and has more star power. It’s still very clearly Joel Hodgson’s dream, but you can also see how he’s trusting other people to help him recapture that magic that the original show was. It’s a bit less quiet, less of a late Sunday night thing than it once was.

It is also glorious. And with modern references from an incredible team of writers, I already find myself throwing money at the television, wanting more seasons. Seriously: take my money.

Don’t believe me? Check out this clip from the first new episode: