I don’t want anyone to throw me a parade, mind you. In fact, I mostly just want to be ignored.

But as I wrote yesterday, I outed myself to four of my friends. Two have replied, and while one was supportive in a form-letter kind of way, the other expressed discomfort with transgender people. Which I respect, that he trusts me enough to say that. Neither was derogatory.

It leaves me now wondering what the reactions will be from the other two people, though, and leaves me concerned that, if their responses are on the negative side, if I should go to a gathering of all of us later this summer. Maybe it’s instead time to fade a bit into the background.

I don’t expect to be celebrated. I don’t want to be. Just like I don’t want some kind of special accommodation for a bathroom. I mostly just want to be left alone and not be stared at so fucking much. My friends seem to get that. But I think I’m also driving them off as friends at this point.