I feel relief, so that’s what I searched for. Voila: a relief.

One of my friends, from whom I haven’t heard, responded to my coming out a few days ago. His comment? I’ve been in his life for more than two decades. I’m not getting out that easily.

That’s a huge relief. I’m hoping to talk with him later today.

On the other side of things, my sister and I have been talking more about my coming out to my parents, and she and her husband are now urging me not to talk to them about it when I see them a month from now. There will be too much going on (it’s a family gathering) and they won’t ask questions or acknowledge what I’m saying with other people around. Embarrassment is a strong influence in my family.

That means I probably won’t tell them until after I start HRT later this summer. I guess that might be a good thing—the die will already have been cast.

Thursday is my first appointment, getting all of this rolling. And yes, I’m scared as hell.