I’m not going to post everything about my trip to see a doctor in Boise last week (I want to talk out some details with K beforehand; J came with me), but I did want to tell you a bit about what I’ve learned and how it makes me feel.

Let’s put the reproductive and sexual parts to the side.

Some of the things that I can expect include weight redistribution (hello hips!), softening of my facial features, and, my favourite, a dramatic hair change. As in, my chances of balding become close to nil, my facial hair should generally go away (I don’t have coarse, notable facial hair, so the odds are good), and body hair should dramatically decrease.

These elate me as results. Very exciting.

This will be a long road, but I’m very fortunate to have supportive partners, friends, and colleagues. I view talking with my family to be a bigger hurdle than anything at this point, and when those are your biggest problems? Yeah, it’ll be okay.

The doctor also said I’m ready to do it whenever—my being 39 seems to indicate that this isn’t exactly a fad.