Very exciting: I’m getting all new bedroom furniture. I get to be a real, actual adult and stuff. Neat.

I’m getting that thing I always wanted, too: a bookcase headboard, one with lights built into it. It looks fantastic. I also got two nightstands (even though I only have room for one… when I get a house and everything fits, there’s no way I’d be able to find the proper matching one), a chest of drawers, and a dresser and mirror.

It turns out the entire set has been discontinued, though. The dresser and mirror are the only things unavailable, so I had to go in and pick out a different one.

It seemed like the safest bet was to order from the same company so the finish was most likely to match. I found a dresser and mirror that will work well (even though they aren’t as nice… metal glide drawers rather than ball bearing), and I was going to save a ton of money.

I spent a little bit of it on a lingerie chest. Oh yes I did.

I feel great about this. My tights will have a happy home, and the top of that will be perfect for either my fragrances or a jewelry box. Score. And there will be room for the other lovely lingerie pieces I pick up along the way.

To that I say: woot.