It was quite the day yesterday.

It was the day my bedroom furniture arrived, and other than being upset at things being out of order (have I mentioned my OCD—and not the pop-diagnosis kind?), I’m overjoyed. It’s finally being an adult again after moving with what felt like children’s furniture. Glorious.

I actually slept without my sleeping meds last night.

That was after running an errand to JCPenney. J got something kind of like a haircut—she got the one side of her head reshaved and left the rest alone. I had to get a sheet set for the aforementioned new bed. I went with just a cheap one for now while I shop for a nice complete set when I head to a city some time this summer.

I also bought a Liz Claiborne purse I had been eyeing up. It retails for $70, but with the discounts and rewards I had saved up, it cost me $14. I’m pleased with that. I also bought two bras.

Those are words I was never sure I would type.

Yes, I bought two bras, really bralettes, both in XL. They’re surprisingly comfy, but since I don’t exactly have breasts yet, it’s for practice. And it makes me feel good.

This was all positive, but I checked my blood pressure again yesterday, too. I used to be 110/70 at the most, but a couple of years ago, that seemed to change all at once. Before I can go on hormones, my doctor wants mine to be below 140/90. That’s exactly where it’s at right now.

It’s frustrating, as while I’m not exactly a paragon of fitness, I’m in good shape and eat a reasonably small amount. I’m fighting genetics, though, as my mother is medicated for high blood pressure, as were two of my grandparents.

It’s like I feel like I’ve failed at something.

I’ll be spending as much of the summer as possible trying to be more relaxed, more in the moment, and eat and drink better and exercise more. Let’s see if I can get this balanced out.