Note: I’ve been on the road lately and haven’t had regular network access. I’ll be updating on the first half of my summer adventure these next few days.

I’m sick of being in a car. That wasn’t the case when I started my adventure almost two weeks ago, but I’ve driven more than 4000 miles in that time. My back says it’s time to rest.

This first half of my summer adventure was to go back to my old house in Upper Michigan and get the last of my things out, then head down to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding. J came with me on this trip, too, so it was good to get to spend a lot of time together like that.

On our first day, our goal was to get into North Dakota. I would have loved to have gotten all the way to Fargo, but Bismarck seemed like our maximum, and we didn’t even make that. We got from our home here in northeast Nevada to Miles City, Montana on the first day.

The drive was mixed: eastern Idaho was kind of stupid with poorly designed roadwork, but I-15 through western Montana was simply stunning. Some of the most beautiful anything I’ve ever seen. There was even a college out that way. Something to consider if I ever need to…

We decided to stop at Old Chicago in Bozeman, Montana for dinner. It’s a chain pizza place, but one I rather like. The one in Boise was where we went after my first medical transition appointment, and I think I’ll keep going there. This one, however, while nice, was extremely bro.

I should pause here for a note about the rest of the trip: in Nevada I get looked at oddly sometimes, but I’m largely left alone. The further east we went, the less this was the case. Bozeman was still on the west end of things, and I was largely ignored, but I was getting stared at a lot and I know I was on a few Snapchat shots.

Note on that: that’s rude as hell.

I think the only other issue there was that I caused some restroom confusion, going into the men’s room. While I dress on the femme side of things, my biology and birth certificate are both male; this is a decision I plan on making when I start HRT.

We were getting tired by this point, and Billings was seeming like a most likely stop. Except that the hotels were freaking outrageous. Average price for a decent place was around $200 a night. No thanks. We went on further to Miles City on the eastern side of the state and called it a day at 130am.

We went to bed that night with a pretty good idea of our second day: I wanted to go to a mall in Minneapolis, and we wanted to roll into Houghton/Hancock, Michigan, if we could, on that second day. If not, Duluth or Ashland seemed like good places to stop. It didn’t quite work out that way…