Lost in all of my travels of late is the fact that I’ve basically finished my project of converting my wardrobe over to female. Of course, right after I ordered the last of the stuff I was hoping to get, Free People goes and releases a top I rather have to have (pictured above). Bah. Maybe later this month.

This has been a bigger project for me than I expected, and in many ways it reminds me of the work involved in coming up with my new name: both speak for you in some ways, your name and your clothes. They say things about you that you aren’t saying implicitly. It’s important to get those things right.

The biggest challenge, perhaps, has been finding my own style while finding it in my own size. I know I have a couple of years yet before I get the breasts I want installed, so I should get the things that fit right now. I also have a tendency to have expensive tastes, so that’s a minor worry. Still, I have a good job and am making good progress saving for my future house, so there’s a bit of disposable income for this.

What’s left besides that one top? There are a few purses I would like, though again I seem to have very expensive tastes. I think there’s a bottle of perfume (Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Summer Breeze), two things of mascara, and a necklace. I’ll pretty much be all set.

It used to be that in order to transition, trans people had to live six months as their gender of choice. That’s mostly gone now, seen as an undue burden, but I’ve been doing it anyhow. Looking forward to having the body and chemistry to match.